eTrade Brokerage Account

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eTrade Brokerage Account Review

ETrade offers a variety of trading accounts designed to help people gain earnings by investing in various assets on the stock market.  These accounts provide access to the full range of E*Trade investments, as well as its advanced tools and experienced customer service personnel.  Brokerage Accounts can be opened in any of the following trading arenas: 

  • Futures Trading Accounts provide access to every major futures exchange in the world, as well as advanced tools and professional customer support services. 

  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts enable parents, grandparents and others to save money for educational expenses of the named beneficiary related to qualified primary and secondary schools, as well as graduate and postgraduate studies.  Qualified expenses include tuition, books and uniforms.   

  • Custodial Accounts are generally managed by a parent on behalf of a minor child to help them save money to enhance the future of the beneficiary minor. 

  • Trust and Estate Accounts provide all the tools necessary for Trust and Estate Administrators to manage the benefits of an estate or trust via Trustee, Executor or Conservator. 

  • ETrade Pro 2 Accounts are designed for experienced and active traders and offer full access to the firm’s assets, market data, trading tools, educational materials and more. 

  • Investment Accounts for Corporations provide all the powerful tools necessary for cash management including research and educational trading materials designed specifically for incorporated business enterprises. 

  • Investment Club Accounts allow traders to pool assets with family, friends and others to collaborate and arrive at the best investment decisions for the club members.

eTrade Brokerage Account Conclusion

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