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Learn Forex Trading Online Free easy and fast by Fxstay team step by step, Its a Forex education school for newbies and professional traders want to make money from Fx trading, Below is Forex education map and list of articles wrote by professional forex traders to learn forex trading from A to Z step by step. If you don’t want to learn Forex trading by yourself or don’t have time to trade Forex then you can use Fxstay Forex manged accounts service.

Forex Education School To Learn Forex Trading Step By Step, Read Below:

Forex Basics

What is Forex
Benefits of Forex
Forex Risks
How to Start Forex Trading
How to Make Money in Forex Trading
Types of Analysis in Forex trading
How to Select a Broker

Step 1

MetaTrader 4 Software Menus
Types of Charts
Forex Stop Loss
Introduction to Fx Trading Terms
Review of Step 1
Quiz 1

Step 2

Trend Lines
Support and Resistance
Price Channels
Andrew’s Pitchfork
Review of Step 2
Quiz 2

Step 3

Fibonacci History
Fibonacci Retracement
Fibonacci Extensions
Fibonacci Projection
Pivot Points
Review of Step 3
Quiz 3

Step 4

What is a Japanese Candlestick
Engulfing Japanese Candlesticks
Reversal Japanese Candlesticks Patterns
Review of Step 4
Quiz 4

Step 5

Types of Indicators
Bollinger Bands
Parabolic SAR
RSI Indicator
Review of Step 5
Quiz 5

Step 6

Moving Averages
SMA or Simple Moving Average
EMA or Exponential Moving Average
Types of Oscillators
Overbought and Oversold
Review of Step 6
Quiz 6

Step 7

Forex Patterns
Head and Shoulders
Double Tops and Bottoms
TripleTops and Bottoms
Symmetric Expanding
Ascending Triangles
Descending Triangles
Review of Step 7

Quiz 7

Step 8

Elliott Wave Theory
ABC Correction
Fibonacci and Elliot Waves Relationships
Review of Step 8
Quiz 8

Step 9

Harmonic Patterns
AB=CD Pattern
Gartley Pattern
Butterfly Pattern
Bat Pattern
Review of Step 9
Quiz 9

Step 10

Fundamental Analysis
Forex Economic Indicators
Forex Trading News Risks
Forex Economic Calendar
Review of Step 10
Quiz 10

Step 11

Money Management
Money Management Tips
Forex Risk Management
Maximum Draw down Forex
Forex Trading Psychology
Review of Step 11
Quiz 11

Step 12

Divergence Forex Trading
Regular Divergence
Hidden Divergence
Review of Step 12
Quiz 12

Step 13

Professional Forex Trader
US dollar index
Commodity Currencies
Is Forex Broker Regulated
Use Low Leverage
Different Types Of Forex Traders
Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners
Forex Trading Systems
Forex Trading Market Hours
Hoe to make money by Forex trading
Forex Trading Scams
Forex Trading Advice Tips

if read all of these articles from the first one to the last the now you learn hot to trade forex and you will be a professional successful trader, now you just need to practice in foreign exchange market and find the best strategy works for you, If you dont have time to read our forex education school and learn how to trade forex you can Contact Us to managed your account by our professional traders .