UBS Mobile Banking

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UBS Mobile Banking advantages

UBS E Banking login on your smartphone

To log in with the Access app, simply scan the QR code displayed on the e-banking home page and enter your PIN – and you’re registered.
The Access app is the convenient alternative to logging in with an Access Card and card reader – it’s also ideal for logging in to the Mobile Banking app.

UBS E Banking Accounts and payments

Keep an eye on your account balance and latest account movements at all times.
Use the payment wizard to transfer money in just a few steps.
Scan payment slips conveniently with the Mobile Banking app and confirm payment directly via the app – without having to type in reference numbers.
Approve e-bills and manage your standing orders.

With UBS E Banking Check Credit Cards

Check your credit card spending and the amount still available. If it’s not enough, simply increase it.
Adjust the limits on your credit and debit cards yourself.
Block lost credit or debit cards directly in e-banking – or with the Mobile Banking app.

UBS E Banking Notifications

Stay informed at all times on account movements, balances, and card transactions.
Choose which events you want to be automatically notified of via push message, e-mail or SMS.

UBS Mobile Banking Applications 

UBS Mobile Banking app allows you to make payments, move money between accounts and view balances and transactions from your phone.

The UBS App and trading markets are accessible using a variety of the most popularly used electronic handheld devices that include iPhones, Blackberry and Androids. The UBS Apps is free for both Android and IOS, You can download The UBS App for Android from Google Play and download The UBS App for iPhone from Apple app store.

UBS Mobile Banking Conclusion

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