TD Ameritrade Specialty Accounts

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TD Ameritrade Specialty Accounts

TD Ameritrade offers several Specialty Accounts that include, Trusts, Limited Partnerships, Investment Clubs, Limited Liability, Sole Proprietorship, Corporate, non-Incorporated and Small Business Plans.

  • Trust Accounts allow owners to transfer assets to one or more people (Trustees) who maintain legal ownership of the transferred assets and manage them for the benefit of the account owner or beneficiaries designated by the account owner. Investors interested in Trust Accounts must first have a lawyer create the Trust after which they can open a taxable living, revocable, irrevocable or testamentary trust account with a broker.  

  • Limited Partnership Accounts are offered to legally established limited partnerships between at least two people who operate a for-profit business enterprise, where at least one partner bears unlimited liability, while other partners are only liable to the extent of their personal investments.    

  • Partnership Accounts are offered to two or more people who have established a legal partnership agreement to operate (as co-owners) a for-profit business enterprise.  Partnership Account funds are not subject to taxation but the gains are reported on the personal income tax returns of the parties comprising the partnership. 

  • Investment Club Accounts are established by groups of people who pool their investment funds to invest in various securities, most of which are formed as legal partnerships which means that capital gains and losses are reported on the individual income tax returns of the parties comprising the partnership or club. 

  • Limited Liability Accounts are offered to legally established limited liability companies (LLCs) and provide some of the benefits of a partnership or corporate account in that the taxes are reported on the individual income tax returns of the parties comprising the partnership.  With these types of accounts liability is limited to the owner’s investment and the states of Massachusetts, South Dakota and Wyoming require at least two or more members for establishing these types of accounts. 

  • Sole Proprietorship Accounts are established by a single-owner business that is not incorporated and where the owner and the company are considered a single entity for liability and tax purposes. 

  • Corporate Accounts can be opened by for profit and non-profit legal entities that have been authorized by any state and usually consist of a group of numerous individuals.  The corporation is able to acquire assets, enter into contracts, sue or be sued and report earnings and pay taxes in their own corporate names. 

  • Non-Incorporated Accounts are opened by organizations that are not incorporated and operate as non-profit entities and, therefore, lack the powers and immunites afforded to an incorporated business enterprise. 

  • Small Business Plan Accounts are specifically designed for small businesses that enable employees of small organizations to save money to help provide for their own financial futures.

TD Ameritrade Specialty Accounts Conclusion

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