Google Finance Portfolio

Google Finance portfolio explained by online trading teachers, All you need to know about Finance Google portfolio, Finding out what is GoogleFinanceportfolio.

What is google finance portfolio

Google Finance track your portfolio & the market for free, With Google Finance you can create and track your investment portfolio or stock watchlist, maintain transaction history and current holdings, and get individual portfolio charting on Google.

How to use Google Finance portfolio?

Here’s how to add cash to your portfolio:

  • Once you’re signed into your Google Account, click Portfolios on the left side of the Google Finance homepage.
    Next to “Cash,” click Deposit or Withdrawl.
  • Choose whether to deposit or withdraw, enter the date and amount (notes are optional), and press Add to portfolio.

How to add a portfolio to Google Finance?

Once you have a Google Account, creating a portfolio is easy:

  1. Click the Portfolio link in the left navigation bar of the Google Finance page.
  2. Click Create a Portfolio on the right side of the page.
  3. Name your portfolio, and click OK.
  4. You can click Add to Portfolio at the top of the company or mutual fund search result.

Google Finance Portfolio Conclusion

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