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Financika Review is worked by Sharp Trading Ltd. In Port Vila, Vanuatu and is a main supplier of internet exchanging administrations, serving a great many dealers around the globe. Financika merchants approach Forex, files, stocks, wares and CFDs.

Financika Trading Accounts and Platforms

There was little data on the records offered at the Forex broker so I accepted while doing this Financika survey that there is only one standard record. The base store in the standard Financika account is $250 and there is a 1: 200 use.

There is no demo account advertised.

The Forex broker offers merchants three exchanging stages. Forex brokers can likewise utilize the PROfit stage, the WebPROfit stage or the prominent MetaTrader4 exchanging stage.


With regards to training, Financika is route in front of different intermediaries with a full line of instructional and edifying material. The Academy offers a large group of literary and video instructional exercises that interest to the two tenderfoots beginning in exchanging and additionally to dealers that can assert a very long time of exchanging knowledge under their belts.

The learning focus Academy is comprised of isolated areas starting with the one on fundamental exchanging phrasing and web based exchanging essentials. Another segment gives a clarification of the diverse sorts of diagrams that assistance brokers settle on productive choices – the line outline, the bar graph and the candle graph.

The line outline, which demonstrates just the end cost over a predefined period, is the most essential of each of the four graphs. This graph is made by interfacing a progression of information focuses together in a line.

The bar outline posts the opening cost amid a particular period, the end value, the low cost and the high cost. The bar graphs outlines movement over the previous moment, hour, day or even month.

The Candlestick outlines at the Forex broker demonstrate the high/low range with a vertical line, as in any bar graph. In candle graphs, the bigger pieces demonstrate the value go between the opening and shutting costs.

Different areas in the Academy are similarly educational and offer the broker different approaches to decipher diverse exchanging patterns, value variances and moving midpoints. It additionally gives a nitty gritty clarification on the best way to comprehend and advantage from the utilization of principal and specialized investigation when exchanging.

Financika Trading Tools

Notwithstanding the Academy, the Forex broker offers a day by day showcase survey and a free cash graph that breaks down the market and gives merchants an understanding to the market’s course.

The glossary is chock-a-hinder with many budgetary terms and ideas in sequential order arrange that will keep brokers on all levels very much educated and current. Moreover, there is a monetary date-book with a full posting of forthcoming occasions and happenings in the budgetary markets everywhere throughout the world.

An intriguing element at the Forex broker is the thing that they allude to as ‘video investigation’s which is truly a week after week advertise survey in video arrange.

Financika additionally gives customers a few expert hazard administration devices – the Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Take Profit is a request set to offer a security when it achieves a specific cost. A Stop-Loss arrange is intended to confine a financial specialist’s misfortune on a position. Take Profit is a request indicating when to naturally close a vacant position for a benefit.

The Forex broker urges dealers to register with their site regularly so they can read about any progressions to their exchanging stage or terms of administrations.

Exchanging should be possible on the Financika site by means of Computer, tablet or cell phone gadget.

Financika Deposits and Withdrawals

Financika deposits and withdrawals can be done by Visa check and bank exchanges. Withdrawals must be made by keeping in touch with a client benefit email.

Financika Customer Support

Client help can be acquired by filling in an online frame and choosing email, telephone or talk. Calls can be made all day, every day. I was satisfied while doing this Forex broker audit that the talk box did not fly up the moment I opened the site as it does with such a significant number of different merchants. The way that I had a decision regardless of whether to utilize visit was an astounding and acknowledged element.

The set out workplaces toward the Forex broker are in Port Vila, Vanuatu and Limassol, Cyprus and their postage information is in Sophia, Bulgaria. The phone number gave is a London one. The FAQ area, which I was just ready to discover when I tapped on the contact tab, is profoundly enlightening and appears to fill in a portion of the holes on the site.

Customers approach the business sectors whenever they are open – from 22:00 GMT on Sunday night until 22:00 GMT on Friday night. Online FX and Commodities are exchanged constantly amid these market hours. CFDs, be that as it may, have distinctive working hours, contingent upon the area of the market: US Market CFDs are exchanged from 2:30 pm – 9:00 pm GMT, Mondays to Fridays; European and British Market CFDs are exchanged from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm GMT, Mondays to Fridays. Asian Market CFDs are exchanged from 0:00 am – 2.00 am GMT and 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm GMT, Mondays to Fridays.

The Financika site is accessible in English, Russian and Arabic.

Financika Login

For a Financika login you can visit the broker’s website, After sign up and complete registration then you can check your email for free demo login details.

Financika Review Conclusion

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