How You Can Trust Forex Trading Brokers

You Should know how you can trust forex trading brokers whenever you are taking some big and important investment decisions such as trading in the forex market, then you need to be serious in the business. Taking the things lightly can result in big losses in your trading account. It is not easy to become Read more about How You Can Trust Forex Trading Brokers[…]

descending triangles pattern

Descending Triangles Forex Patterns

Descending Triangles Forex Patterns is good for expert money managers and FX traders, The Descending Triangle is the chart pattern that is formed as the continuation pattern during a downtrend. This chart pattern gives bearish signals to the traders and investors. Sometimes the Descending Triangle may also be formed as the reversal pattern at the Read more about Descending Triangles Forex Patterns[…]

Symmetric Expanding forex chart pattern

Symmetric Expanding Forex Pattern

Symmetric Expanding Forex Pattern is an strategy use by master Forex Traders, The Symmetric Triangle is also formed as the continuation pattern during a trend. This chart pattern consists of at least two higher lows and two lower highs. Symmetrical Triangle in this chart pattern is formed when all the four points are connected and Read more about Symmetric Expanding Forex Pattern[…]

Triple Tops and Bottoms

Triple Tops and Bottoms Forex Patterns

Triple Tops and Bottoms Forex patterns strategy use by pro currency traders, A Triple Top pattern is similar to the Head and Shoulders pattern with only one difference that is the top position of the Triple top is at same or nearly same level but the three peaks are not at same level in the Read more about Triple Tops and Bottoms Forex Patterns[…]

How To Make Money In Forex Market

How to make money in Forex market is the most important question for those users who work in the Fx market as a trader or investor and only place an order after studying all the pros and cons can benefit a lot from this market and Forex market is becoming an addictive investment strategy for Read more about How To Make Money In Forex Market[…]

Currency Trading Risk You Must Notice

You must know Currency Trading risk before start online trading as Forex market is the biggest market of the world because total trading in this market amounts to more than a trillion dollars everyday and this is the main reason of attraction for many traders. Beginners see Forex Trading as the great money earning opportunity Read more about Currency Trading Risk You Must Notice[…]

Online Forex Trading Advantages

Online Forex Trading Advantages are alot and there are many benefits in the Currency Trading Market as compared to any other market in the world. Some of the Online Forex Trading Advantages are discussed in this article by Fxstay Traders. Check Out Online Forex Trading Advantages Below No need of huge investment The most important Read more about Online Forex Trading Advantages[…]

What is Forex

What is Forex

Most of people want to know What is Forex, the word Forex is a combination of two simpler words foreign exchange . The simple meaning of Forex Trading is exchange of foreign currencies. Forex Market is where currencies are traded to earn profit, Fxstay traders are working 5 days a week in Fx market and Read more about What is Forex[…]