Pepperstone Leverage Forex

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Pepperstone Leverage

When it comes to Pepperstone leverage, the company offers a leverage level of 500:1. The excellent thing about this leverage is that it is one of the highest levels in the forex market. This level is offered only by a handful of other AFSL Forex brokerage firms.

What does this leverage mean?

500:1 means that every dollar that a trader deposits in the Pepperstone account, the firm will match him with an utmost amount of $500. For instance, if a trader deposits $50, he will be provided with the option to trade up to $25000 on the current markets. This amount is arrived by multiplying the deposit amount with $500.

In the example above, if the currency pairing moves up by 0.25% to the favour of the trader, total profit of the trader will be $25000*0.0025 = $62.5. This means that the trader gets back greater profits as compared to the deposit money of $50. Nevertheless, if the currency pairing happens in the opposite direction, the trader will lose his entire deposit.

In short, high leverage means that the trader is increasing his overall risk profile. This means that trader should have a complete understanding of the Forex Markets and he should gain some experience before he actually moves in with utilizing the utmost available leverage.

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