IG Markets Review

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IG Markets Review By Fxstay

IG Markets was established in 1974 to enable investment clients to trade gold as an IG index instead of trading the commodity itself.  Registered in England and Wales, IG is the largest broker in the United Kingdom and is fully regulated and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the world.  IG Markets maintains offices in over 60 countries around the world, making it the one of the most widely used trading platforms internationally.   

IG was the first to offer binary option trading in 2003 which put it leagues ahead of competitors’ platforms that didn’t start appearing for more than five years after IG Markets began this type of trading. IG’s binary options are capped at 0 and 100, which means that, if you win, you get 100 and, if you lose you get 0.  A huge advantage for customers in the UK is the fact that IG trades binaries over an exchange, which reduces margins to a bare minimum and allows traders the option of closing their positions at any time and on the trader’s terms, not those prescribed by the broker. 

The IG Markets platform is not as user friendly as somewhich means you’re going to have to do a little homework to gain an understanding of IG.com, but your work will be well rewarded with understanding the best platform currently available for binary trading, in the opinions of those conducting this IG Markets review.  The number of features included in IG UK is almost overwhelming and resembles no other platform in which binary options are traded.    

IG Markets offers fewer binary options than spread betting options, but the market will grow as demand increases.  Binary options are currently available on foreign currency exchanges (forex), a variety of commodities and indices, as well as spread betting on stocks. 

IG offers low spreads on more than 90 currency pairs and competitive spreads on a variety of global indices with low margins and high leverage.  Stock index spreads vary depending on the time of day, with standard and tighter spreads during normal business hours and wider spreads on trades conducted after normal trading times.  Traders can choose to invest in over six thousand shares offered globally with spreads as low as 0.2% on spread betting and commissions starting at 0.1% on Contracts for Difference (CFDs), depending on the host country of the stock share, and margins begin at 5%.  

To complete the wide range of possibilities, IG Markets offers assets in a variety of markets, including bonds, sectors, interest rates and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and in two trading platforms, Binaries and Sprints.

IG Markets Demo Account 

For the convenience of its customers, a free IG Markets Demo Account is included with every account opened with IG Markets.  This invaluable tool will greatly assist newbies to the world of binary option trading with gaining an understanding of not only the markets in which they are traded, but the software which is the subject of this IG Markets review, which is complex, all encompassing and the best choice for trading binaries, but not particularly user friendly. To open a free IG markets demo account visit “ForexSQ.com” IG markets review page.

IG Markets MT4 Download  

Traders who open trading accounts with IG Markets will enjoy the benefit of being able to download the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform from its website for use in conjunction with IG Markets’ trading software.  MT4 is one of the most popularly used trading platforms for conducting forex and other financial asset trading because of its simple and user friendly interface that provides a plethora of additional trading tools for use in researching, conducting and tracking forex trades. 

IG Binary Options 

Binary options are traded the same way as spread betting options in that they are traded openly and the trader can choose to close his or her position at any time.  As assets are traded on IG Markets, “ladder” style options provide trades with staggered price levels at different points that can result in larger payouts for the investor. 

Binaries are available in a variety of time frames, from one minute up to several months or more.  Investors can choose the market in which they want to trade and when they click on the “Prices” link in the right margin, a list of all available choices and current buy and sell price levels appear for binary options on certain listed assets. 

Actual prices for assets are dictated by the market as a result of buying and selling options performed by traders.  The difference between the purchasing and selling price is the broker’s spread (or margin) and this spread is the broker’s means of profiting from trades conducted on IG Markets, which allows them to provide trades on the platform free of commissions and fees. 

When using the IG platform, if an investor is ready to conduct a trade, he or she clicks on a small green arrow on the left side, which brings up a “ticket” window.  Details about the asset being traded are listed at the top of the window and the investor then needs to enter the “Size,” which is a “per pip” amount.  As the buying and selling amounts of an asset fluctuate, an investor can choose to close their position at any time, thereby minimizing risk and potential financial losses. 

The “Requirements” option specifies the costs of trading the asset and the “Margin Required” option lists two numbers, the first of which is the “price” for a sell position and the second number is the “price” for a buy position.  Clicking on either the “buy” or “sell” option will confirm the trade, which then appears at the bottom of the open trades list. 

The IG Markets trading platform is a secure and highly trusted broker that offers investors everything they need to engage in trading binary options with price alerts and technical analysis triggers that appear in your email inbox, automatic charting signals from a number of valuable sources, advanced charting capabilities, excellent online customer service and support and mobile applications for use with a variety of handheld electronic devices.


IG’s list of available “Sprints” is not as comprehensive but most traders don’t have an issue with the smaller list of tradeable assets.  IG Sprints are based on basic above/below strategies and are available in one, two, five, twenty or sixty minute time frames that produce payouts of approximately 80%. 

IG Markets software creates a Sprints trading window that shows the current price graph, along with Market, Trade Amount, Expiry, Direction and Payout options that appear along the right side of the page.  The Market section lists assets available to tradeTrade Amount is self explanatory and Expiry provides choices of one, two, five, twenty or sixty minutes.  The Direction section includes the “above” or “below” options for the price of the asset and the “Payout” section includes the original amount of the trade, as well as the “Submit” button which is used to confirm a trade.   

Under the trading area open positions and recently closed positions are listed with the “Open” option displaying details of the trades, including its performance, payout and countdowns to expiration dates.  The “Closed” option details the history of prior trades with all relevant information, including a summary of each trade’s overall performance.     

In addition to a limited number of assets from which to choose that are available for trading on IG Markets, there are several negative but insignificant aspects of the Sprint platform.  Traders can calculate the payout with the figures provided, but payout percentages are not shown on IG Markets’ platform, which is a standard feature with other platforms.  Also, traders are not able to amend charts appearing in the Sprint platform, but none of these drawbacks detract from the trading platform because of the plethora of binary options that are available with IG Markets.

Mobile App 

The mobile trading app offered by IG Markets is one of the most comprehensive trading apps on the market and there is no better app for trading binary options. The app is free when you open an IG Markets UK account and is optimized for a number of different trading platforms.  Versions of IG Markets mobile apps are available for a wide variety of electronic devices, including Smartphones, Androids and tablets, all of which offer the full range of features available on IG’s website, from account maintenance to Sprint trading. 


Few binary option brokers can compete with payouts realized by investors who use IG Markets.  Sprint options payout between 75% to 80% and binary options vary, depending on the level or price at which the investor was able to open the trade, and spreads are approximately 4% on IG binary markets.

Deposit and Withdrawal 

The FCA imposes strict controls on depositing and withdrawing funds to and from trading accounts, which offers greater protection to investors and their money.  A minimum of 100 Euros is required to open an IG trading account and minimum trading amounts vary depending on the asset. 

The minimum amounts are made clear before any trade is confirmed and are referred to as the “Margin Required.”  This information is also available under the “Get Info” menu option that appears alongside each trading market.  

Investors can make deposits into their IG Markets trading accounts with debit or credit cards, but the investor’s individual (not business) name must appear on the card and it must match the name on the IG trading account.  Non UK cards incur a processing charge of 1.5%. 

Also, IG Markets allows Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) to and from banking institutions but, again, the name on the bank account must match the name on the trading account.   

Deposits using the above described means can also be transacted using IG Market’s Mobile App.   

Withdrawals are permitted using the same methods as described for deposits.  Standard withdrawals are free and will be processed within 3 business days.  IG Markets allows customers to request CHAPS transfers, which are free to investors if the withdrawal amount is more than 100 Euros.  If the amount of the withdrawal is less than 100 Euros, a fee of 15 Euros is assessed. Fund withdrawal requests are processed on the same day, as long as the request is made by 12:00 midday.  

International payments will incur a fee of 15 Euros and IG Markets does not offer checks as a form of paying withdrawals to investors. 

IG Markets UK Review Conclusion 

Fora full informatio about IG markets broker visit” Topforexbrokers.comIG group review page.

In this IG Index review  want to emphesise although the IG Markets software is not very user friendly and investors will need to spend a lot of time going through the IG Markets Demo Account to fully understand the options, it has so many features and is so complex that you will not find a better market platform for trading binary options and spread betting, especially when you combine it with an IG Markets MT4 download. According to Wikipedia the IG markets Google Android application or Apple iTunes app for mobile trading. You must note also the IG Index broker is regulated by FCA .

With its professionalism and hundreds of markets in which to trade, along with same day withdrawals, market insights from professional financial analysts, helpful charts and graphs, excellent customer service and all the tools necessary for trading binary options, IG Markets UK may not be the best trading platform for newbies, but there is no better platform for trading binary options.


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