This reviews conducted by for those investors want to open trading account with this fx broker, In this reviews you will know how to open a free currency trading demo account or how to signup for a free MT4 download.

The website is an online broker owned and operated by a holding company called GAIN Capital and is in direct competition with FXCM Broker (which provides its own proprietary trading platform) for domination of the fx trading platform market in the United States. UK was founded in 1999 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, as well as other regulatory agencies around the world, including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Services Agency (FSA), Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). is one of the largest online forex brokers, enjoys a reputation of great integrity and is highly regarded by many brokers and investors who regularly use the platform for managing their fx trading accounts and researching, placing and tracking trades in a variety of financial markets.   

Trading Platforms 

Investors who open accounts at have the choice of using three different trading platforms, which are the firm’s own proprietary platform known as ForexTrader Pro, the immensely popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform and GAIN Capital’s exclusive GTX ECN platform, all of which are web based and available in easy to download versions for use on standard personal computers or a variety of mobile devices. 

ForexTrader Pro 

The ForexTrader Pro platform is a web based program that is fully customizable and designed specifically for trading forex assets.  This platform offers a wide array of valuable trading tools that include signals, advanced charting package, pattern recognition software, free market research, free educational resources, Expert Advisors (EAs) and 24/7 quality customer support services.  The firm also offers trading apps for all major mobile operating systems and its software is compatible with all types of PCs, Macs and mobile browsers that enable internet access. 

For more information about the ForexTrader Pro platform, please refer to the section below entitled ForexTrader Pro Options and Features. 

Forex MT4 Download

The MT4 trading platform is considered the standard for the forex industry and provides online forex trading through a platform that is packed with valuable tools and features that allow automated trading of more than 30 types of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and 45 markets for trading forex assets.  The MT4 platform is completely customizable, easy to use and provides excellent customer support services, which makes it one of the most popular trading platforms used by investors around the world.  MT4 can be easily and quickly downloaded directly from the website 


Professional traders, institutional clients and individuals who enjoy a higher net worth gain access to’s exclusive trading platform known as GTX ECN that offers investors tighter spreads, transparent pricing and very deep liquidity.

Trading Panel 

After logging into their trading accounts using ForexTrader Pro, investors will see a Trading Panel that is the main way to buy and sell pairs of currency on the trading platform.  By default, 16 currencies appear but additional pairs can be added by right clicking on the gray background and then checking which currency pairs you’re interested in trading.   


The charting panel on ForexTrader Pro provides investors with charts and technical indicators for any pair of currencies and for any time period.  Additional technical indicators and tools are available on the platform and appear on the left side of the charting panel section. 

News Tools 

This section provides traders with the latest news from the Forex Insider’s news feed, as well as other sources that include the Dow Jones Newswire.  A full economic calendar is available for traders that includes macroeconomic events and forecasts to determine the significance of various readings.  


This section provides traders with the current market prices for major currency pairs and includes customizable watch lists to track desirable currency pairs, as well as asset prices in other popularly traded financial markets. 

Trading Ideas 

Clicking on any of the options featured in Trading Ideas will bring up a window that contains information about chart patterns, as well as confidence and price levels. The chart patterns are identified by Autochartist at various stages during their development and include emerging and completed ideas for consideration of investors. 

Main Menu and Shortcut Bars 

Investors who are new to the trading platform should familiarize themselves with the drop down Main menu that includes File, Edit, Order, Research, Reports, Tools, Window and Help options.  the most valuable tools are the Order menu drop down option of “Enter Order,” where traders can manually enter an order without the use of any other tools.  The Research and Reports menus also contain valuable tools for trading, including pivot points, daily price levels and a Realized P&L option that shows traders profits and losses over a certain period of time. 

Shortcuts Bar 

The Shortcuts Bar also contains valuable trading tools specifically designed to provide important features and options to traders quickly through the use of important buttons that include Plus Icon (+) for quick and easy order entry, Calculator Icon that can determine pip value using required bid rates, margin, leverage and trade size.  The Report Icon enables traders to quickly summarize account values using P&L, interest, deposits, fees, rollover and balances.  The Dollar Icon gives traders a really quick way to deposit or withdraw funds from trading accounts.  

Strategy Center 

Several additional features are available for the ForexTrader Pro platform, but these additional options are only available on the downloadable Microsoft Windows version of the trading platform.  

The most important of these additional options is the Strategy Center that allows forex investors to create customized trading strategies that can be applied to various currencies for the purpose of generating buy and sell signals, and provides a variety of technical indicators.  

ForexTrader Pro uses drag and drop techniques to avoid the necessity of traders having to learn and write any lines of code, which is typical of other forex trading platforms, like MT4’s MQL programming language.   

Account Types 

Traders who wish to utilize the trading platform have the option of opening either a Standard Account or a Active Trader Account.

Standard Account 

Minimum initial deposits are required for both accounts and $500 is the minimum amount required to open a Standard Account.  It is recommended that traders deposit at least $3000 into their trading accounts to gain full access to the wide range of trade-able assets available through 

Active Trader Account 

Traders wishing to open an Active Trader Account must make an initial deposit of at least $25,000, which entitles them to the full range of features and assets offered by broker. Failure to maintain that minimum balance will result in Active Trader Accounts being changed to Standard Accounts. Demo Account

A free demo account is available for traders who can use the account to practice trading fx assets using the ForexTrader platform.  Whether investors are seasoned or new to fx trading, the risk free Demo Account is an excellent way to get started on the broker by using the full range of the platform and $50,000 of virtual funds for practice trading. Visit website for a free demo account.

Commissions and Spreads 

In keeping with the standard for the fx industry, does not charge commissions for its brokerage services but earns money on trades by adding a spread on top of the prices traders get from the various markets.  Spreads are competitive and variable and start as low as 1.2 pips for popular currency pairs like EUR/GBP and others. 

Customer Support Services is committed to helping its investment clients succeed and maintains a staff of knowledgeable customer support personnel who are available 24/5 via live online chat, telephone, fax or email. traders also have access to a variety of Platform Handbooks, as well as a Knowledge Center where they can find information about opening and managing trading accounts with the company, as well as popular FAQs and invaluable technical support for trading with the broker. 


The safety and reliability of should meet the demands of even the most cautious traders since the holding company (GAIN Capital) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, where transactions are overseen and regulated by the SEC, which maintains strict standards within the financial industry in the United States. UK UK is also regulated by a variety of other international agencies that also require strict compliance with rules and regulations in place to protect investors from shady or illegal financial investment transactions.

For added protection, maintains segregated accounts for clients’ funds and a Balance Protection feature that protects investors from negative balances in the event of unforeseen adverse fluctuations in financial markets. Reviews Conclusion 

For a full review visit broker review page at “”. Traders who use the trading platform gain access to a large variety of trading tools from a global market leader in the forex industry. is a highly regulated forex broker with a solid financial base afforded by its parent company, which ensures the strictest regulations in the world for financial investments and capital assets that allow for superior trade execution using reliable trading platforms and tight spreads that enable traders to save money on broker commissions and fees. Using the large variety of trading tools built into the trading platform, traders can manage every aspect of their trading accounts, from opening accounts to researching, placing and tracking trades on a variety of international financial marketplaces, Wikipedia says. For mobile trading you can download the broker Google Android application or itunes IOS app for Apple products.


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