Quiz 11

Q1. For which case, the traders and investors should make their strategy? A. Best Case B. Average Case C. Worst Case D. Traders can make strategy for any case but they should know how to execute   Q2. Which subject’s knowledge is necessary for the successful traders? A. Mathematics B. Trading C. Business Management D. Read more about Quiz 11[…]

Review of Step Eleven Forex Lesson

Money Management Money Management is what forms the most important part of the Forex Trading. If the traders and investors don’t know to manage money then they can’t survive longer in the Forex world. If a trader is enjoying profit then he must also be prepared for loss. It’s just like driving a bike; if Read more about Review of Step Eleven Forex Lesson[…]

Forex Trading Psychology Training

Forex Trading Psychology is the first thing you must learn about it, if you have been a trader then you must have sometimes felt that you fail and you fail even after doing good research and using the combination of Divergence Indicators with other indicators to get good profit earning signals. So the most important Read more about Forex Trading Psychology Training[…]

Maximum Drawdown Forex Trading

Drawdown Forex Trading Meaning

Drawdown Forex Trading and Stop Loss are the two parameters that should always be kept in mind when trading Forex because these factors clearly indicate the risk associated with your open trades. Let’s first understand one by one that what these concepts are. What Is Drawdown Forex Meaning Losing and earning are the two sides Read more about Drawdown Forex Trading Meaning[…]

Forex Risk Management Strategies

Forex Risk Management is an important thing that each trader must know about it, Risk is associated with every trading market and so is with Forex market also. Risk is there on every trade you place in the Forex market. This risk can be of two types that are blind risk and calculated risk. Blind Read more about Forex Risk Management Strategies[…]

Money Management Tips Forex Trading

Money Management Tips In Forex Trading

There are different Money Management Tips in Forex Trading, Currency Trading and Forex money management go side by side. It means if you want to be a successful Forex trader then you must know how to do Money Management. Forex Money Management is considered as a pain in neck because the traders and investors will Read more about Money Management Tips In Forex Trading[…]

Money Management Forex Trading

Money Management Forex Trading

Money Management Forex Trading is too  important in stock and Forex trading, No Forex trader wins every time. If there are profitable trades then there are losing trades also even for the expert traders and investors who have given many years of their life to this business. Avoiding of losing trades is not possible so Read more about Money Management Forex Trading[…]