Quiz 9

Q1. Why the Harmonic Patterns are most advantageous? A. Because no guesswork is required B. Because guesswork is least C. Because any guess can be correct D. Because guesswork is done after calculation   Q2. In which of the time frames the Harmonic Pattern can be applied? A. Weekly B. Monthly C. Annually D. All Read more about Quiz 9[…]

Review of Step Nine Forex Lesson

The Forex traders and investors always look for the successful patterns of trading and Harmonic Pattern is a successful pattern of trade. These patterns have been successful in 70% or more predictions. So many traders and investors prefer to use these patterns to identify the price reversals. There is minimum use of guesswork in these Read more about Review of Step Nine Forex Lesson[…]

bat pattern forex trading

Bat Pattern Forex Trading Introduction

Bat Pattern is a type of Harmonic Forex trading Pattern that is an extended form of the Gartley Pattern. Bat Pattern is the combined set of present Fibonacci Ratios that represents four movements and reversal of high probability. Scott Caney is said to have discovered this pattern in the year 2001. This pattern is so Read more about Bat Pattern Forex Trading Introduction[…]

butterfly pattern chart Forex Trading

Butterfly Pattern Forex Trading

What is Butterfly Pattern ? Butterfly Pattern is the mostly found Harmonic Pattern in the Forex Market. Butterfly Pattern is the Harmonic Pattern that tends to experience a strong reversal and follows the setup after the pattern is finished. This pattern is so named because the pattern looks like a butterfly. This pattern is easier Read more about Butterfly Pattern Forex Trading[…]

bullish and bearish gartley pattern

Gartley Pattern Forex Trading

The Gartley Forex Trading Pattern is the most common Harmonic Pattern among all the patterns. HM Gartley has introduced the concept of the Gartley pattern. Using the Gartley pattern, the Famous Forex traders and investors can earn huge profit if they can spot the patterns correctly. This price pattern is complex in nature and depends Read more about Gartley Pattern Forex Trading[…]

ABCD Pattern In Forex Trading

ABCD Pattern In Forex Trading

ABCD Pattern is one more Harmonic Pattern that is used to predict the potential pattern and thus helps in forming a trading strategy for the successful Forex traders and investors. Larry Pesavento gave this concept of ABCD Pattern to the Forex world. The nickname of the ABCD Pattern is given the “Lightening Bolt”. Gartley described Read more about ABCD Pattern In Forex Trading[…]

Harmonic patterns forex trading

Harmonic Patterns In Forex Trading

What are Harmonic Patterns Harmonic patterns are successful in more than 70% predictions of identifying the price reversals and so are quite powerful and mostly give easiest entry and exit price points. These patterns apply specific Fibonacci Extensions and Fibonacci Retracements to the price structure. These patterns are most advantageous because the use of guesswork Read more about Harmonic Patterns In Forex Trading[…]