Best performing Forex managed accounts

The best performing Forex managed accounts must base on stable professional trading strategy managed by manual trading system like the one Fxstay team traders use, its really hard for beginners to find out which trading history is best performing Forex managed accounts but i will tell you how you can find out if a trading statement of a managed account service is the top one or no.

How to find the best performing Forex managed accounts  is really the to one

Forex Managed Account Traders

Check Draw Down First

When you contact a managed Forex account service company they will show you a lot of trading history, if you want to know the company is the top one first of all check the draw down of the performance they show you, The best performing Forex managed accounts must not have Hugh draw down more than %50 of the Forex managed account. So open Forex account with the best traders who has low draw down.

Ask the company about the leverage they use

If the Forex managed account service provider use leverage more than 1:100 on their best performing Forex managed accounts then the history is worthless because with big leverage they can make several Forex managed account past performance with low amounts and finally choose one as their best performing Forex managed accounts trading that is why you must ask about the leverage the use on the best performing Forex managed accounts.

Past performance dose not indicative future results

You must not forget past performance dose not indicative future results, Even if a managed account company show you the best trading history it dose not mean they can trade the same trading style on your account because no one even federal reserve Or bank of England can guarantee future of foreign exchange market as Fxstay team offer you and most of top hedge fund managers to don’t forget the black Wednesday bank of England that even bank of England can not control future of the market.

Then be aware of guaranteed profit and just investing with those companies have professional and international money managers and they are in the industry for long time.