World Markets: AI Managed Accounts is the Future

Trading has become increasingly automated in recent years. Algorithms and computers have beaten market averages consistently. AI is dominating the game and World Markets is at the forefront of this revolution.

World Markets is a trading platform where retail investors can easily deposit funds and place them in AI Managed Accounts to trade automatically for them. World Markets has invested heavily in creating these programs based on years of successful trading experience of proven track records of investors.

Returns have been spectacular. In 2017, the AI Managed accounts returned a yearly compounded rate of return of 481%. In 2018, 647% and in 2019, 718%. AI has revolutionized the industry. Trading has become systematic and emotionless.

How does it work?

Signing up in World Markets is very easy. They have a streamlined process of getting you on board. Everything is done online, even verification.

Once the funds are deposited, it would be turned over to their team of professional traders and put into the AI Managed Accounts. The traders follow strict risk parameters to ensure the safety of your capital.

Withdrawal of profits is easy as well. Same with signing up, everything is online.

Account monitoring can be done 24/7 through your phone or computer and everything is posted in real-time. Your account is updated minute by minute with live market prices.

Established since 2003

With over a decade of experience, World Markets is helping traders overcome the uncertainties of bullish and bearish runs in the stock market, ensuring a stable monthly profit for its customers. They have started as a precious metal trading platform, but it is now adding new assets and trading opportunities to its platform. Whatever your trading goals are, you will find them.

You will be making the best decision when you decide to use World Markets’ trading platform. Aside from their reliable AI, their team is made up of professionals with proven investment track records trading real-time in the stock and forex market. They manage user accounts and with the help of algorithms, they make an excess of 20% profit monthly.​

Is World Markets secure?

One other problem they foresee is security. Cyberspace has become increasingly vulnerable to hackers. The world back stores funds with Tier-1 banks and liquidity providers. They have also implemented 2-factor authentication and military-grade encryption.​

Their traders have trade only access to the accounts they manage. They know that an attack can come from within. World Markets is customer-friendly: designed with their users in mind at every point.

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World Markets is an award-winning trading platform, setting the pace for others in the forex and stock markets. Their trading results are reliable, and their algorithms offer accurate predictions.​

They have paid over $200 million in trading profits to over 50,000 customers from several parts of the globe. Their activities comply with relevant global legislation and their partners are industry experts in the world’s most developed countries. World Markets has so much to protect, and of course, they have you: their customers as number one priority.