Quiz 5

Q1. What is the main disadvantage of Leading Indicators? A. Do not show the trend B. Do not forecast future prices of the currency C. Signals much before the market is expected to turn D. All of these Q2. Which one of the most reliable in Leading Indicators and the Lagging Indicators? A. Leading Indicators Read more about Quiz 5[…]

Parabolic SAR Forex Indicator

Parabolic SAR Forex Indicator

Parabolic SAR Forex Indicator is used as a time or price indicators. This concept was introduced by J. Welles Widler and is also descried in a book named “New Concept in the technical trading system”. This Forex Indicator is made up two words, parabolic and SAR in which parabolic means curve shape drawn on the Read more about Parabolic SAR Forex Indicator[…]

Forex Trading Orders Different Types

All of Forex Trading orders like buy or sell limit and stop orders like Forex stop loss explain in this article, Price of any currency does not always rise. Rising and falling of prices are the two sides of a same coin. If price is rising at one time then it will surely go downwards Read more about Forex Trading Orders Different Types[…]