Quiz 5

Q1. What is the main disadvantage of Leading Indicators? A. Do not show the trend B. Do not forecast future prices of the currency C. Signals much before the market is expected to turn D. All of these Q2. Which one of the most reliable in Leading Indicators and the Lagging Indicators? A. Leading Indicators Read more about Quiz 5[…]

RSI Indicator In Forex Trading Platform MT4

RSI Indicator In Forex Trading

RSI Indicator Is a good Forex indicator to use in your real FX trading, J. Welles Widler, the originator of the concept Parabolic SAR also introduced the concept of RSI that is the abbreviated form Relative Strength Index. This concept is also descried in a book named “New Concept in the technical trading system”. The Read more about RSI Indicator In Forex Trading[…]