Quiz 12

Q1. What is the other name of Regular Divergence? A. Reverse Divergence B. Classic Divergence C. Continuation Divergence D. Trend Divergence   Q2. Which Divergence or Divergences indicate the most effective Reversal in the Forex Trading? A. Reverse Divergence B. Hidden Divergence only C. Regular Divergence D. Both Reverse Divergence and Hidden Divergence   Q3. Read more about Quiz 12[…]

Review of Step Twelve Forex Lesson

Divergence Forex Trading Divergence compares price of the currency with technical indicators to arrive at useful results in form of signals. These signals generated by the Divergence Indicators may be of trend continuation or trend reversal. The concept of the Divergence can be used in any trading market to increase the gains. Stochastic, MACD and Read more about Review of Step Twelve Forex Lesson[…]

Regular Divergence Forex Trading

Concept of the Regular Divergence Forex Trading If the Divergence can be observed in price but cannot be seen in the Oscillator then this type of Divergence is the Regular Divergence. Regular Divergence is also termed as Classic Divergence. In case of Regular Divergence, when the Divergence can be observed in price but cannot be Read more about Regular Divergence Forex Trading[…]