Scottrade Review

Scottrade review conducted by expert’s traders at Fxstay to know all about the Scottrade broker beforehand open trading account with brokerage. The Scottrade company has been about for over thirty years, so it’s probable that even if you’re a beginner investor, you know the name and reputation.

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What Is Scottrade Broker?

Scottrade company was a discount brokerage firm that operated both online and at branches. In 2017, the company was acquired by TD Ameritrade and Toronto-Dominion Bank.

It is a great option for depositors who are new to investing. Its well-made website is welcoming and appropriate not only for active depositors but for those looking to learn a thing or two about the self-directed asset field. It’s also good to know you can reach a live illustrative. The company has an extensive network of branch sites, so you could find a local representative to help you out.

More experienced investors might find some of the research to be missing or the platform itself not as advanced in functionality as certain other brokerages.

Scottrade trading platforms

One of Scottrade stock trading platforms, ScottradeELITE, is presented only to customers with balances of 25,000 dollars or more who have placed 9 or more trades in the previous 3 months. That desktop platform, intended for active traders, was make over in 2014 with much tougher functionality and a better user knowledge.

Other clients can place trades over Scottrade Streaming Quotes or Scottrade online trading platform, which has no balance or trade necessities. It provides a good number of features for a rudimentary platform, comprising customization, advanced charting with thirty technical indicators, watch lists and, obviously, live news updates and streaming quotes.

How to open an account with

Opening an account is very simple – even if this is the 1st online brokerage account you have ever possessed. Here’s accurately what you’ll essential to get started:

  • Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer identification Number
  • 10 minutes of your time
  • Beneficiary’s social security number, date or birth, and address
  • Your employer’s name, address, phone number

By collecting this small sample of information and opening a new account with Scottrade now, you can be on your way to 7 dollars trades in no time.

Scottrade Demo Account

The broker provide free demo trading account, You can test the trading markets free of charge with a Scottrade demo account and after you become familiar with the markets then open a real trading account and making money online. To open a free demo account visit the Scottrade broker review page at“”,

Scottrade minimum deposit

Opening an account with Scottrade is a painless and simple process, but you will essential at least 500 dollars to get started – or 2,500 dollars for a traditional brokerage account. Whereas this should be simple for an expert investor, newbies might essential a while to build up the 500 dollars or 2,500 dollars they essential to open an account.

Scottrade app

Not wanting to miss a beat in the mobile trading marketplace, it provides apps for the Android devices, iPad and iPhone. Knowing that certain people might be skittish trading their finances on the similar device they play Angry Birds, Scottrade assures your security by necessitating you to log in with a four-digit passkey. You can then make trades, analyze the marketplace, chart, and even prepare online banking.

Customers rate the app 3 stars on both the Android and Apple platforms, which is improved than numerous of Scottrade’s contestants. You can also coordinate your mobile homepage with your computer homepage to create unified trades from one device to the next. Another benefit is that Scottrade has created a mobile website that is mainly a carbon copy of its regular website, for those who like constancy in their desktop-to-mobile world.

Scottrade login

Go to the website and look to the upper right part of the screen for the Secure Login box. Then enter your account number and password in the provided fields. Click the Log In button to go to your Scottrade home page. The home page is set as the default login page, but if you would like to choice another start page, you can do that by making a choice in the drop-down menu found in the Secure Login box.

If your account number or your password was entered wrongly, you’ll receive an error message inside the Secure Login section. Checked that Caps Lock is not set on your computer and follow the instructions provided to try again.

Scottrade fees

The Scottrade Fees are above the $7 flat trade price for stocks there are no other charges. There are no hidden charges, which I am a huge fan of and the account opening necessity is an actual reasonable 2,500 dollars for non-retirement accounts and a least opening balance of 500 dollars for retirement accounts. The commission value is actual competitive in light of other brokerages, particularly when you take the value you receive into deliberation.

Lots of investment options

It provides an extensive range of investment products comprising bonds, stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, options, certificates of deposits, retirement accounts and education savings accounts. Scottrade has over 2,800 mutual fund selections. Fidelity provides 1,400 different mutual funds, ETRADE just 1,000 and TD Ameritrade 1,200.

Scottrade Leverage

The Scottrade leverage starts from 1:1 up to maximum 1:50, However the broker provides high leverage trading but if you are a newbie forex trader then avoid to use high leverage as it will increase to lose all of your capital.

Scottrade Margin Requirements

Scottrade margin requirements is fixed, The amount of margin that you are required with Scottrade to put up for each currency pair varies by the leverage. For example, If you use 50:1 leverage then you may be required to put up €200 to hold a €10,000 position.

Scottrade Promotions

The Scottrade broker does not offer incentives to traders in the form of promotional opportunities, unlike many of its competitors.

Scottrade Deposits and Withdrawals 

Clients using Scottrade trading accounts can deposit funds using a variety of methods that include credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers and PayPal.  Trading account withdrawals can be conducted using the same methods and require proper identification of account holders in accordance with strict international financial guidelines designed to prevent financial crimes like identity theft and money laundering. 

Scottrade Deposit Fees

The Scottrade Deposit fees is Zero, It means you will not pay any money as Scottrade deposit fess.

Scottrade Deposit Time

The Scottrade Deposit time is between 1 through 3 business day and it depends to the methods you deposit your Scottrade account. 

Scottrade Withdrawal Methods

Scottrade withdrawal methods is various, Clients can using a variety of methods that include credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers and PayPal. Trading account withdrawals require proper identification of account holders in accordance with strict international financial guidelines designed to prevent financial crimes like identity theft and money laundering.

Scottrade Withdrawal Fees

The Scottrade Withdrawal fees starts from Zero up to $20, The Scottrade withdrawal fees depends to which country and methods you want to receive funds.

Scottrade Withdrawal Time

The Scottrade Withdrawal time is between 3 through 5 business day and it depends to the methods you Withdrawal from your Scottrade account. 

Scottrade Withdrawal Problem

If you have any Scottrade Withdrawal Problem then you can contact the broker directly and if it dose not solve the problem then you can contact the regulators to solve your Scottrade Withdrawal Problems, You can also submit your Scottrade withdraw problems in the comment form below of the Scottrade reviews by forex trading website.

Scottrade Customer Service

It have over 500 branches and the times I have visited our local branch the workforce has been actual helpful. On topmost of this they provide an instant chat feature on their website that not all online brokerages do. I have used this feature several times and has been a great method to get my questions answered without call in to their call Center.

Research and Trading Tools

If you need to take a free online course or use a stock screener they have solid presents. I have used best of Scottrade’s research and trading tools and they hold their personal with what I’ve seen from other brokerages. Associating their screener tools to others I have used in the previous, the screeners at Scottrade win hands down in terms of accessibility.

Scottrade Review Conclusion

Visit “ForexSQ.comScottrade review page for more information about the broker, Scott trade provides reasonable prices, but you can find inexpensive prices without looking too hard. That said, you have to appreciate the constancy of Scottrade’s pricing, Wikipedia says. You can download the broker google Android app or Apple iTunes IOS application for mobile trading.

It has cool online tools, but even Capital One Investing navigation system may be slightly better. Generally, if you want a nice, trustworthy firm and a place where you can spend your money with as little stress as possible, then it might be the place for you.

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