Quiz 10

Q1. Which types of traders are most helped by the Fundamental Analysis?

A. Experienced

B. Highly Experienced

C. Beginners

D. None


Q2. Which in the following is the strength of the Fundamental Analysis?

A. Predicting Reversals

B. Predicting short term trends

C. Predicting long term trends

D. None


Q3. What are the four factors that are compiled in GDP?

A. Investment, consumption, net exports and the government purchases

B. Investment, consumption, net imports and the government purchases

C. Both the above

D. None of the above


Q4. Which type of Indicator is the Trade Balance?

A. Leading Indicator

B. Lagging Indicator

C. Leading in uptrend and Lagging in Downtrend

D. Leading in downtrend and Lagging in uptrend


Q5. What is spread?

A. Difference between sell price and stop loss

B. Difference between stop loss and buy price

C. Difference between buy price and sell price

D. Difference between the Ask price and Bid price


Q6. When the traders and investors need to Order Freeze?

A. Market is going in downtrend

B. Market is going in uptrend

C. Market Reversal

D. In the event of any major news coming in the market


Q7. Which countries account for more than 50% of the Forex transactions?

A. Australia and Europe

B. US and UK

C. New Zealand and UK

D. New Zealand and US


Q8. Why the Forex market is open 24 hours a day?

A. The open and close time of different countries is different

B. The market of all the countries is 24 hours open

C. Market of US is open all the time

D. None of these


Q9. What is the Trade time of the New York Forex market?

A. 8am – 4pm EST

B. 3am – 11am EST

C. 7am – 11am EST

D. 0:00am – 0:00pm EST


Q10. What is the Trade time of the Tokyo Forex market?

A. 3am – 11am EST

B. 7pm – 3am EST

C. 7am – 11am EST

D. 0:00am – 0:00pm EST


Answer of Question 1: C

Answer of Question 2: C

Answer of Question 3: A

Answer of Question 4: B

Answer of Question 5: D

Answer of Question 6: D

Answer of Question 7: B

Answer of Question 8: A

Answer of Question 9: A

Answer of Question 10: B