Forex Systems Reviews

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Forex Systems Reviews

Comparing the Forex trading systems using RoMaD, NinjaTrainer is the superior system. If you could find a way of running NinjaTrainer with more risk, it would actually outperform the Elite PAMM system. This is actually possible with a little know-how and trade copying software, but goes a little beyond the scope of this article. If you don’t know how to use trade-copying software, it all comes down to risk tolerance and your profit goals – are you happy to risk a 30% drawdown in return for an average return exceeding 70%? Or are you a little risk averse and you’d be more comfortable earning over 50% year whilst risking only 8-9% drawdown?

Another thing to remember is the limitation of predicting future performance using historical data. Though live account results are much more reliable than back-test results, there is still no way of determining how a system will perform in the future. Both Forex trading systems could experience greater drawdowns at some point in the future and realized returns may fall short of the historical averages. There are also other things to consider like slippage, crowding out, commission charges etc.

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