Forex News Trading Risks You Mus Know

Forex News Trading Risks are important that each Forex trader must pay attention, Forex market is a highly dynamic and 24 hour trading market. Too many price oscillations take place everyday and the traders and investor can enter many times a day and pull out profit. Too many profit earning opportunities arise in this market everyday but it does not guarantee that trading at every moment will earn profit because if price goes high then price comes low also. So it is better to select the right time to trade before trading and trade only at the best time. The importance of risk trading is also same as the importance of selecting the right time to trade. Fxstay Broker tell you the risks trading during Forex news.

Forex News Trading Risks

Risk trading can be profitable if market is going high and risk trading can take away all your money if market takes a U turn. Trading with risk is important because this is a way of earning huge profit. So risk trading can be done but one must know how much risk to take. Blind risks have high probability of losses whereas calculated risks have high probability of earning profit. So before actually trading currencies it is better to know how much risk to take. There are few terms that the traders and investors must be well aware about to trade currencies with risk below are Forex news trading risks.


Volatility means the degree of price movement. The higher degree of price movement means the higher volatility and the lower degree of price movement is the lower volatility. This volatility may result from economic releases and major news reports. If any major news report comes in market then 20 to 50 pips of market swing can be seen in very short time. News volatility can be very profitable even for the beginner traders if they entered a trade at right time and news volatility can be dangerous also even for the experienced Forex traders and investors if the price turns against them.

Wide Spreads

Spreads are never guaranteed by the brokers. Spread is the difference between the Ask price and the Bid price. In case of a major news comes in the market, you may observe dramatic widening of spreads means that the difference between ask price and the bid price increases dramatically.


Slippage means the slipping level of trading price than your anticipated price. In case of major news comes in the market, high volatility of prices may be observed. In such situations, price can move from 5-20 pips with in few seconds. If the traders and investors try to trade this time of high volatility then their trading price becomes much different than the anticipated price and it is the result of high volatility. This is risky with limit trading and so the traders and investors must not enter trade with high risk at this time. Forex news trading risks explain but keep reading to know more about Forex news trading risks.

Order Freeze

Reserving market and limit an order before any major news comes in market is known as Order Freeze. This reservation can be done before 30 minutes to 1 hour. This happens with those brokers who guarantee the fixed spreads in prices. Sometimes the trading platform locks up and this happens because wide spread and if the brokers guarantee fixed spreads then they would lose their money.

The knowledge of the above Forex terms will help the traders and investors to trade currencies better and earn big profit.