Forex Managed Account Questions

Here are useful Forex managed account questions answered by Fxstay team, These are the questions asked by our clients so you will find all you need to know about Fxstay managed forex account service, To open Forex managed account you can Contact US .

Forex Managed Account Questions

1-How much is your minimum Forex Managed Account ?

We suggest to start with Standard Forex Managed Account with minimum 100000$ but you can start with our Retail accounts start from $10000 or our Mini accounts start from $1000.

2-What is difference between Standard Forex Managed Account start from $100.000 and Mini Fx Accounts start from $1000 ?

There is not much difference between them but Standard Accounts trade with Safe Risk but Mini accounts trade with High Risk so the result is different, on standard accounts you get lower profit but there is much lower risk on your account so the main amount of your investment is safe but in Mini accounts you get more profit but you choose to put higher risk on your main investment, usually mini accounts is good for those investors want to risk and there is not important for them if lose money but they accept to risk double their money in short time.

3-What types Forex Managed Account you have?

we have 4 types of Forex Managed Account Retail – Standard – VIP – Gold VIP types.

4-Do you manage my Forex Investments in Fxstay Team account or in segregated account ?

As we do clear each client open his/her account with himself/herself and investor can withdraw and we just trade and investor access to account all time, its one of our advantages because we want our clients trust to us and we also trust them so each client have segregated account but if they want they can use Fxstay Team account but there is no access to account.

5-How much you get profit per a month ?

Profit is various each month and it depends to the market but if you want an average we get from 1% throw 10% per a month.

6-Do you have any Forex Managed Account Performance?

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

7-How much profit share of investor per each month ?

Depends to your Forex Managed Account type profit share is different for more information Contact US .

8-How about loss?

The loss is a part of Forex and this is the risk that investor must accept it because each business has some risk.But the loss is limited as we trade with safe risk on most Forex Managed Accounts and as we are acquaintance and professional however if you don’t risk so there is no party.

9-What kind of Forex brokers you trade with?

Fxstay Management Team trade with NFA [National Futures Association] FSA [Financial Services Authority] and FINMA [ Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ] regulated brokers.

10-I want to open a Forex Managed Account but still i have some questions ?

Please feel free to ask your questions with us with emails below or from Contact US page.

Forex Managed Account Questions Asked By Our Clients

1-I want to know the history of the company since when it start working and the exact address that the company
exist in it?

We are international company and have branches that cooperate with us since 2001,we located in Cyprus but we choose professional traders from whole other countries like UK , Russia  ,USA and we are experienced and professional traders ,so we can not say that we belong to a physical location  as we are Global.

2-Any phone numbers available for the company to support clients?

We don’t support our clients by phone,but we support by email 24/5, Simply Contact US  for more information.

3-What is management fee ?

No management fee get by Fxstay team, i know its unbelievable for you and its one of the most  Forex managed account questions asked from our team but we get our fee only if we make profit, management fee is different with profit share , Management Fee is one time fee that investors must pay at begin to start Managed his/her account with our team and its non refundable but profit share is the profit of each month our traders make on your account and investor share it between him/her self and our traders each month .

4- Can the investors withdrawal there money any time they want?

yes they can , but notify us 1 month before they want to withdrawal.

5-Investor can invest there money and the company managed the accounts in segregated account or he can use the Fxstay team account? Is there any different Or benefit of that? Or it doesn’t matter Both are the same.

If they invest in our account they don’t have access to account but in segregated account they access to their account…there is not any difference between these 2 type of accounts, this is one of Forex managed account questions asked a lot and the answer is yes you can have segregated account.

6- Can the investors lose all of there money in one month? Or there is a percentage the company use like 10% -20% of the account then the company cut the loss?

We are professional money managers and the loss is limited to 5%-10%, we don’t have loss as we trade with safe risk strategy.

7-Can I open my account on any brokerage company I want and then give you access to my account to manage it?

Investors can open their accounts by theme selves in any Forex broker they want but its better that open in the brokers we say them.

8- Give me Some details about how to open the account and start working Like Where to transfer money? How long it takes to withdraw and how long every process takes.

We allow investors open their accounts by themselves and charge their account by themselves with Forex brokers that is one of our advantages , and the withdrawal is at the end of each month and it takes 2 or 3 days . its better that Contact US when you want to open Forex Managed Account.

9-How can i trust to your company as i don’t know a lot about your company?

Fxstay Team is an international company that looking to grow company and because of this we allow investors that open their accounts by themselves and no one except investor can not withdrawal from account,we also spend a lot of time on Forex managed accounts because we want to be stable in profit in long term that bring us more investments ,that is why investors trust us and we also trust them .

10-Why You say the truth about all questions of your company and Forex trading market risks,don’t you think sometimes its better that don’t say everything to your clients and hide some facts?

We want that our clients knows everything about Forex market risks and our company that is why we list all Forex managed account questions, this is our strategy that we say all facts to our clients and some of our clients appreciate our veracity and invest with us.

11-I notice you have several different types of account each with their own risk level but only one set of performance results. What risk level are the performance results based upon?

performance results based on $10 Million and results show the total profit or loss we had on all the accounts for that month or year.

12-What risk level are the performance results based upon?

We trade with safe risk on all account types but on VIP accounts risk level can increase or decrease by investor .

13-How are the funds traded? Is it manual or automated?

Its manual by professional and international Forex traders .

14-What are the worst case scenarios you have built into your trade plan?

We determined max draw down due to the amount of investment is different between 20% – 30% but usually our draw down is too low as we use professional Money Management in our trades .

15-What is your approximate trade success rate?

80-90% , but we emphasis that the percentage will change each month.

16-What is your average risk:reward ratio on closed positions?

We risk on 1-2% of investment and rich 2-4% profit .

17- what is the worst trade you have had on a clients account and what is the best trade?

As we had a lot of trades on several accounts its hard to say but as we use money management we don’t get profit or loss in one single trade.

18-What is the total size of funds that you currently manage?

This is one of the most Forex managed account questions asked us but please forgive us to say the exact amount due to its secret but we have several clients with good amount of investment as we are international company.

19-Do you trade your own money using the same methods as your clients?

We do not need to trade on our investment as we have good amount of investment to trade with , but if sometimes we need to trade on our investments we do, this is one of Forex managed account questions asked a lot and the answer is yes we will do .

20-What proof do you have to back up the performance statistics on your website?

We don’t show our trades history to anyone as we do not allow to do it and Please note that past Performance is not necessarily indicative of future results .Otherwise you don’t open your Forex managed account with a regular site or blog , We collect professional traders around the world because we are a responsible company that future of our company is important for us , we don’t tell our clients that we extremely in profit but totally we are in profit .

21-Do you trade as a company or a private person?

We trade as a company under Fxstay brand and we have several professional Forex Traders from all around the world.

22-How long do you manage FX Accounts ?

We are trading Forex and stocks from 2001 and made Fxstay team at 2008 to provide professional money management service to our clients.

23-Can the minimum account be less than $100K , like $10-20K ?

Yes you can start with our Retail accounts start from $10000 or try our Mini accounts start from $1000 but we suggest to start your account with Standard type start with  $100K , Fxstay Team trade with safe risk and spend a lot of time on Forex Managed Accounts because we look to future for more cooperation with our clients we don’t want to trade with high risk and lose or double money in limited time so because we spend a lot of time and trade with safe risk so we suggest to open your account in standard type which start from 100$K. Now you know all Forex Managed Account Questions so you can Contact Us to open your account.

24- Do you accept clients from all countries ?

No , we do not accept clients from countries block by UN like Congo , Iraq , Iran , Liberia , North Korea , Syria  , Zimbabwe .