Review of Step Two Forex Lesson

Step 2 deals with the analysis of any currency in the Forex market to predict its future value. Trend lines, channels, support and resistance and the Andrew’s Pitchfork method are used in this step for prediction. If proper prediction is done then success rate will be higher. Trend line Trend Lines shows the trend of Read more about Review of Step Two Forex Lesson[…]

Andrews Pitchfork forex indicator

Andrews Pitchfork Forex Indicator

Andrews Pitchfork is an indicator use if Forex reading, the technical indicators are used by the technical analysts in the Forex Trading to determine the entry and exit points for any currency. One of the popular technical indicators is Andrews Pitchfork. Andrew’s Pitchfork was invented by Dr Alan H. Andrews. This is an excellent method Read more about Andrews Pitchfork Forex Indicator[…]

Forex Trading Support Resistance

Forex Trading Support Resistance

Forex Trading Support Resistance points are too familiar for every Forex trader wants to trade to make money. Making money in the Forex Trading isn’t that easy because price of currencies keep moving in both upward and downward directions. Wise traders invest only if they feel secure to invest. Secure to invest means when the Read more about Forex Trading Support Resistance[…]

Forex Trading flat trend

Forex Trading Trends Basic Lessons

Forex Trading trends are important for a trader, A Forex trader should not miss the opportunity to earn profit from any excessive rise or downfall. A slight rise may earn you profit in thousands but never blindly participate in any rise or fall. Invest only after doing technical analysis or taking help of an expert Read more about Forex Trading Trends Basic Lessons[…]