Capital One ShareBuilder

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Capital One ShareBuilder Review

As previously mentioned, ShareBuilder brokerage was a name Capital One Investments previously used and if you click on, you will be redirected to the home page of 

Capital One’s ShareBuilder investment plan allows traders to make dollar based investments in a variety of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs on whatever security they select and on their own time schedule.  

To participate in this investment program traders must select the securities they want to purchase and choose how much money they want to invest.  Security choices can be found using the site’s in-page tabs (Top Stocks, Top ETFs, etc. ) or in the Research section of

Then the trader has to set the frequency of the investment and schedule the plan for an “investment Tuesday.”  Traders have the option of investing money only one time or on a regularly recurring basis.   

Next the trader has to transfer funds to pay for the ShareBuilder investments which can be done by bank transfer or using cash in their own Capital One investment accounts.  

After an investor completes these steps and saves the ShareBuilder investment plan, Capital One will automatically process the investment transactions, creating open orders and executing trades according to the guidelines and time schedule prescribed by the trader who also has the option of allowing investment funds to automatically transfer between accounts to accommodate investments made using the ShareBuilder plan.

Changes to investment securities or schedules can be made at any time but should be completed before 5:00 PM (EST) on the business day immediately preceding “investment Tuesday.”   

All trades will be conducted online and, if sufficient funds do not currently exist in a trading account or are not already in transit, an investor will not be able to set up a plan for that week.

Capital One ShareBuilder Conclusion

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